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Welcome to 

Gooseberry Gardens

About Us

Inspiring you to grow nutritious, beautiful, low maintenance fruits and veggies in whatever space you call home.

This is the place to come if you want to learn how to grow in a cold climate. And I mean really cold. Like western Canadian prairies cold.

Here you will learn:


  • how to create beautiful, inviting spaces that grow food

  • what grows well here and what is a bit more challenging 

  • what projects and products make growing easier and what are a waste of your time and money

  • how to grow food in any size space, from balconies to large acreages,
  • how to save money and time in the garden,

  • how to harvest all that fabulous produce, and

  • what to do with it once you've got it in your kitchen! Earl Grey and Vanilla Rhubarb Jam anyone? (One of my faves!)

The Garden

Take a stroll around Gooseberry Gardens and see what inspires you to grow. We are happy to have you.
Yummy gardening everyone!


Don't forget to get out there! Tilt your smiling face up to the sun, feel the vitamin D being absorbed through your skin, and smell that damp, earthy, green aroma!

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