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Garden Consultation

There are many people that are out there gardening and loving plants, and they just need a little help. 
  • Maybe you have questions about your specific garden?
  • Maybe you want to incorporate edibles into your landscape?
  • Maybe you want to improve food security for yourself and your family?
  • Maybe you need help identifying what is a plant and what is a weed?
  • Maybe you need assistance with knowing which plants to purchase? 
  • Maybe you have questions about dividing perennials, pruning, choosing the best mulch, shaping your garden beds, or improving your soil?
  • Maybe you just need someone to bounce some garden ideas off of?
Our one-on-one personalized garden consultations address your specific concerns. We visit your property, discuss your needs, and make recommendations for the methods and steps you need to take for achieving your goals on your property.
  • We can help you to identify plants, provide maintenance tips, pruning and transplanting advice, and new planting suggestions.
  • We can identify areas for companion planting and permaculture techniques to maximize your growing potential.
  • We can suggest changes in your landscape design to make your garden more functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • We can advise on topics such as: xeriscaping, vegetable gardening, food forests, curb appeal, sustainability, garden maintenance, trouble shooting, and finding organic solutions to garden pests, diseases, plant, and soil deficiencies.

Landscape Design

If you need a complete redesign of your site or have just purchased a new home and are starting from scratch, Gooseberry Gardens can help! We produce professional Landscape Design Plans that reflect your unique needs and wants for your growing space. No matter the size of your site or your requirements, we will work with you to develop a green space that that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
We will develop a landscape based on permaculture principles that will work for you on every level by:
  • Studying your site’s elevations and contours
  • Reviewing climate and geography for your specific region
  • Producing a sector analysis to examine which factors influence your site and how
  • Analyzing your site’s access and structures
  • Developing a zone map to maximize energy efficiency on your site
  • Producing a final design that we will review and redevelop with you until it is perfect
  • Creating a planting plan for your space, complete with species lists, photo guides and details on each plant
  • If your site is a new build, working with your developer to get approval for landscape plans
  • Working with your contractors throughout the construction process

Welcome to Gooseberry Gardens! I can’t wait to garden with you.

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